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Eduitalia: 2011 Promotional Events

The ICIEP International Education Fair will be held in Moscow and in San Petersburg next February 12-13 and will mark the start of Eduitalia’s international promotional activities for 2011.

The promotion of your study courses in said event is very essential due to the following reasons:

a) the ICIEP fair, now on its 19th edition, has the advantage of being itinerant and be present in two of the most important and most populated cities in Russia. The participation of 114 exhibitors from 22 nations confirms the worldwide interest in Russian students, who are considered as the next leading outgoing students to study abroad.

b) Eduitalia’s recent participation to the study Abroad event held last November in Moscow (1) confirms the strong interest of Russia towards Italy.

Last year 43,982¬† Russian students decided to study abroad (2). Eduitalia’s representative participation in promoting your study abroad programmes will provide incisive “first-hand” information on Italian study opportunities in order to allow Russian students to decide attentively in determining Italy as the destination for their own study experience. ¬†The need to participate is also to increase the attendance percentage with respect to the current few thousand students who decide to study in our country.

c) After the meeting held at the Embassy last November, in the past few days Eduitalia has made an important understanding with the Student’s Office of the Italian Embassy in Moscow. Said understanding will promote study abroad programmes of Member Institutes with numerous Russian schools that adhere to the PRIA programme (acronym denoting the dissemination programme of Italian culture in Russian schools). The importance of this synergistic relationship with the Embassy provides an additional visibility for study courses in Italy. Details of the operation of said synergy will be provided next week. ¬†(3)

Operational notes:

Material distribution service

We wish to remind all Member Institutes who wish to increase the visibility of their own courses that Eduitalia offers the opportunity to distribute your own information materials as an additional option (4).A participation of approximately 3,000 visitors per day is estimated during the two days of the fair in Moscow and San Petersburg.

Considering the forthcoming Russian fair, we also wish to remind you about the deadline for the new Eduitalia Guide edition- Study in Italy 2011; any Institutes who are interested in implementing any changes with respect to the description on the 2010 Guide shall do so and send the respective communication by no later than January 19.

(1)¬†¬† To read about the most significant issues of the last event “Education and Career” held in Moscow in November, please read the report “Eduitalia in Russia” which can be found in our website under the News section.

(2)   Information provided by Global Digest 2010 published by Unesco.

(3)¬†¬† The results of the meeting held by the Eduitalia delegation at the Embassy can be accessed from our website under the News section in the second part of the report “Eduitalia in Russia”.

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