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Eduitalia’s 3rd Annual Convention

We are pleased to invite you to attend Eduitalia’s 3rd Annual Convention. Our theme this year is “The Growth of Study Abroad Programs in Italy…and in the World”.

The Convention will take place on November 23rd, 2010 at 10:30 am in the multimedia lecture hall of the Biblioteca di San Giovannino (San Giovannino Library) located at Piazza San Lorenzo, 6 in Florence, Italy.

Topics of Discussion:

– The internationalization of educational programs as perceived by the 47 schools and universities for foreign students affiliated with Eduitalia

– The international student phenomenon and their contributions to Italian tourism and to the further diffusion of Italian culture in the world

– Presentation of statistics regarding student movement trends on a global scale

– Eduitalia’s report on its collaborations initiated in 2010 with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Visa Center as well as the collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Tourism and the advantages, including that of increased visibility, of study programs in Italy. What are the future prospects following the positive dialog initiated with the relative governmental institutions?

– Schedule of International Events of 2011

– What are the new countries in which to promote the Study Abroad Programs? Discussion and decision with associates regarding the opportunity to promote courses in the BRIC countries. Discussion regarding NAFSA 2011 in Vancouver.

– Eduitalia’s report on the Moscow Exhibition on November 11-13 2010 and the potential interest expressed by Russia

– Analysis of the new, revolutionary system for the Study Abroad Visa following the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ modifications in effect starting September 1, 2010 and its positive effects on the entire Study Abroad system

– Foreign student “welcoming” process and establishing the legal presence of the student in Italy: Permits of Stay, Declaration of Presence, Acquisition of Fiscal Tax Code

– Presentation of Eduitalia’s newly renovated website, the Eduitalia Guide, and the role of the new search engine

– Eduitalia’s visibility in foreign magazines pertinent to the study abroad sector

– Miscellaneous

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