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ICoN-Italian Culture on the Net

ICoN-Italian Culture on the Net

ICoN, an e-learning Consortium of 17 Italian universities, has been promoting Italian language and culture since 1999 with the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry. Our courses are fully online: an Italian language and culture degree for foreigners and Italian residing abroad; 2 blended-learning masters in Specialist translation and in Teaching Italian language and literature; training for Italian teachers abroad. ICoN’s expert-designed general Italian language courses cover 5 CEFR levels (A1–C1), with interactive learning activities and multimedia materials for self-learning and for e-learning in virtual classroom. ICoN has courses for US students: ICoN AP® Italian Language and Culture online (US College Board-approved) prepares high-school seniors for the AP Italian exam and Destinazione italiano (levels 1–3). Both work as e-learning courses, teaching resources and classroom digital texts.

Our online courses
For information on all of ICoN’s teaching resources and courses, please see the dedicated sites.

– Online Degree Course in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners:
– Master’s Degree Program in Specialist English > Italian Translation and Master’s Degree Program in Italian Language and Literature Methodology:
– Training courses for Italian teachers:
– Online Italian courses:

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